Jana Šafářová


Jana’s the calmest element on the team. Very responsible and sensitive. Jana greets every client pleasantly and puts them in a good mood. She is a pillar for the team to turn to with any request. Jana is human, funny and always in a positive mood.

„Everything in life is a matter of perspective.”


Jana Mlčochová


A thousand and one things that are not visible at first glance, but still make the salon work perfectly. It’s not just our staff who owe their absolute comfort to Jana, but also our clients. If you need any advice or information about the salon, do not hesitate to contact her. With a smile and very willingly she will do her best for your satisfaction.

„A single dream is stronger than a thousand realities.”


Kamil Chovanec


Precision is not inherent in anyone like Kamil. The perfect firmness of the cut and the unique softness of the highlights. Kamil’s empathy will leave you relaxed or laughing at his distinctive humour. He has returned to Red Salon after a four year hiatus and is extremely excited to see those of you who remember him, as well as those visiting for the first time.

„My taste is very simple. I always settle for the best.”

Žaneta Bělíčková


Žaneta has been doing hairdressing for more than 16 years, has had many international internships and hundreds of hours of work “at the chair” in the salon. She loves her work, moving forward and the desire to learn new things never leaves her. She loves detail and movement in her hair. Her main signature is natural texture and simplicity. She takes care of the hair of clients in the salon, but also of models on catwalks and during photo shoots for leading Czech magazines. Gentle colour elaboration and perfectly fitting short hair or any kind of mikado, this is what Žaneta is sure to enchant you with.

„A woman who cuts her hair is ready to change the whole world.”

senior stylist

Kateryna Volkova

senior stylist

Katya brings positive energy and calmness to the team and to work. She is always extremely focused on what she is doing and is a joy to be around. She loves blonde highlights and hair care. She enjoys creating new shade combinations and believes that for every woman there is a shade of blonde that is perfect for her and only her. She has dedicated her entire career to hair and owned a salon in Ukraine for 20 years. Katya speaks Ukrainian and English.

„Good hair speaks lauder then words.”

Jakub Čejchan

senior stylist

If you are looking for real Relax, don’t hesitate a minute and entrust yourself to Jakub. A hair spa from him is like a holiday in Bali. He’ll also give you great advice on what cut or color will work best for you, and a blowout from him will last longer than you’d expect.

„Life gives you exactly what you expect from it.”

Kačka Valovičová

senior stylist

Kačka is very calm, kind and precise. You can count on her to listen to your requests and wishes. Her hairdressing passion is fine natural highlights, which she specializes in. She will also be happy to advise you on how to care for your hair and what shade of colour is best for you. She chose to work as a hairdresser because it was her dream – a dream she has fulfilled through her diligence and it shows in her work.

„Before you give up on anything, realize why you started it in the first place.”


Dominik Rácz


Dominik loves to take care of clients in every way, he just loves being a hairdresser. He loves to educate himself and gain new perspectives on his work. His priority is healthy hair and skin, which is often neglected. He is happy to put together a suitable home care routine for you.

„Life is like a mirror, if you look at it positively, it will reward you with a smile.”

Anna Dalibabová


Anička career started with us at the Red Salon. Thanks to her diligence and conscientiousness, she soon learned from the ground up everything that is needed to work as a hairdresser. She is hardworking and very precise in her work, she likes men’s cuts and always does her best to make sure that the client leaves satisfied, relaxed and smiling. You will love her initial massage and hair wash.

„Life isn’t perfect, but hair can be.”

Anežka Vavrošová


You probably won´t see Anežka without a smile on her face. She is very energetic and cheerful, she likes people and contact with them. She enjoys braiding different types of braids and hairstyles. She enjoys freehand cuts and lightening.

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.”


Tereza Charvátová


One of the nicest members of the team. Always smiling, kind, helpful. Her tenacity to pursue her dream of becoming a beautician led her to us. Your skin will feel like cotton candy in her care. Tereza will always go out of her way to help you and lovingly advise and assist you with everything that is best for your face and body.

„Only the heart can see well, the eyes cannot see what is important.”

Manicurist, Pedicurist

Klára Sýkorová

Manicurist, Pedicurist

You will feel very comfortable with Klára and not only because of her twenty years of experience in the field. She likes simplicity and precision, you will love her perfect work and smile. She is always in a good mood and loves to listen to others, sharing their joys and concerns with her clients.

“There are only 3 things in life you can’t buy – health, love and friendship.”


Daniela Navrátilová


Daniela takes care of you at the Red Salon as a receptionist. She’s probably the person you often hear on the phone or will bring you the best coffee. She is very attentive and will do the absolute best for the client and their comfort. She remembers not only your faces, but also your names and everything you like. She also makes you feel at home with her.

“Everything goes better with a smile.”

Michaela Mesnerová


Míša always welcomes you with a smile on her face, she is friendly, communicative and ready to listen to your wishes. You can count on her to follow through with what she promises.She loves to prepare coffee and is always willing to work on herself, improving the quality of service and creating a pleasant environment with 100% service.

“Wish and you will be wished”

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